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Doctor-Supervised Weight Management Program

Treatment/Product Info

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12 Weeks Program (Targeting on Upper Body Area, 2 visits/week) – $2,950 (Value of $5,445)

Consult with our Medical Professional, Weight Management Coach and Personal Trainer to achieve weight loss, body contouring, cellulite reduction and a lifestyle change. Redwood Weight Management Program is a comprehensive life-style system, a multi-faceted approach to healthy living through medispa treatment, low-glycemic eating, stress reduction and exercise. $2500-$5500.


  • Initial consultation with a medical professional
  • Measurement, Body Composition Analysis
  • 12 Sessions of life style coaching for a healthy, mindful living including Stress Reduction & Exercise Tips
  • Suggested Shopping List for Local Grocery Store
  • Detox Suggested Menu & Instructions
  • Redwood Weight Management Journal
  • 15-Day GliSODin The Advanced Cleansing Formula
  • 3-Month GliSODin The Advanced Sliming Formula
  • 15-Day GliSODin The Advanced Lymphatic Formula
  • 6 Sessions of RF Upper Body Area (for abdomen and Love-handles) or Lower Body Area (Thigh, Saddlebags, Banana Roll, Buttocks)
  • 6 Sessions of Body Wrap
  • 12 Sessions of Electronic Muscle Toning
  • 12 30-minute Sessions of hard-core body fitness training

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