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Anti-UVA-UVB broad spectrum 100% mineral sun filters for all skin types.

Sun protection is one of the essential steps in maintaining a youthful and beautiful skin. However, traditional sunscreens are not always easy to apply and reapply in our daily lives, for example, over make-up or when it’s impossible to wash our hands.

Formulated with 2 physical sunscreens and a biovegetal photoprotecting antioxidant complex, Pro-Derm Loose Powder SPF 50 provides a high UVA-UVB broad spectrum protection. Presented in 2 shades, it is easy to apply and reapply throughout the day, even over make-up, it does not whiten the skin and provides an all-natural finish. It combines ultra-performance with easy application and aesthetic features.

Practical and easy-to-use brush applicator – Handy size can be brought everywhere

  • Available in 2 shades
  • Without preservatives, Fragrance-free and no essential oil

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are natural sunblock of mineral origin, presented in the form of an inert white powder able to reflect and scatter ultraviolet radiation, visible radiation and to a certain extent, infrared radiation. They are broad spectrum physical sunblock recognized to be safe and effective by International Expert Committees.

Used in a micronized form, i.e. an ultra-fine powder, they maintain all their protecting virtues while gaining a major aesthetic quality: they do not whiten the skin.

Titanium Dioxide particles are optimized so as to obtain a homogeneous and continuous film on the skin, thus allowing to maximize the protecting power of Titanium Dioxide for an unmatched protection. Zinc Oxide is also known for its protecting and soothing properties of irritated skin. Its use in the formulation of the Loose Powder SPF 50 gives is extreme gentleness.

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