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Skin Tag Removal

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Rapid and Effective
The Cryoskin uses freezing technology to rapidly and precisely treat a wide range of minor and superficial skin irregularities, non-invasively.
Remarkably compact and portable in size, the Cryoskin uses small, disposable cartridges of nitrous oxide (N2O) to easily deliver quick, effective treatments with unsurpassed precision.
Skin irregularities treated with the Cryoskin include: age spots, hyperpigmentation, warts, keratoses, and fibromas. The Cryoskin can also be used to peel areas of skin and remove small areas of pigment for permanent make-up corrections around the eyebrows or lips.

Simple, Painless, Precise
The Cryoskin treatment is easy to apply and relatively painless. Two microapplicator/nozzle sizes ensure that treatments can be performed on large and small areas.
Due to the Cryoskin’s patented microapplicator technology, unsurpassed pinpoint precision, accurate to the millimeter, can be achieved. Optimum results are evident 3-6 weeks post-treatment.

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